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Phoenix Steering Committee

We had our final meeting of the Phoenix Steering Committee last night, and some were unable to attend. We went over the final preparations for the event and everything is falling into place. The event will be virtual and broadcast on You Tube from St Juan Diego Church in Chandler. Due to COVID restrictions, the number of people who can physically attend is quite reduced, basically to those actively participating. If you have not received a note to attend and help at this event, please watch Rosary Celebration on electronic media. We are hoping, in spite of the medical restrictions that are in place right now, that this year’s celebration will be joined and shared by thousands more participants than would otherwise be able to fill the Civic Center.

We will miss the physical presence of praying together in person, the joy of watching the procession, the chance to connect with other believers in a public show of love for Mary, and the awesome display of mutually respectful diversity that has marked the gathering each year for the last 44 years. But we want to seize the opportunity in year 45 to show our strength, ingenuity and unity in overcoming the obstacles we face and re-affirm our love for Mary and her Son, Jesus, as we pray her prayer together virtually. We can look at this year’s virtual event as a magnificent chance to evangelize a more extensive audience than ever before.

Looking to the future, we will begin meeting to plan for ARC 2021 in a couple of months. We are planning to return to the Convention Center next year and have decided on a Marian Title and have secured a guest speaker. Please stay focused, take notes on this year’s event and plan to return to the full experience of the Arizona Rosary Celebration next year. We thank you for all the work you have done for this year and look forward to next year. For those committee people whose events were not able to be included in this year’s celebration, keep your plans ready because next year we will come roaring back to put on #46 and it will be better than ever!

Col. Larry Costanzo, USAF (Ret)

Chairman, AZ Rosary Celebration

Former Supreme Master

Knights of Columbus

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