Arizona Rosary Celebration Bus Rental Information

Parking at the Arizona Rosary Celebration in either Tucson or Phoenix can be hard to find, or costly. This year think GREEN and rent a bus to take you and 40 or 50 of your fellow parishioners to the Arizona Rosary Celebration. The following is the information on where to rent a bus and approximately how much they cost. Certain steps need to be been taken to assure the success of sponsoring a bus. The advantages of going by bus are that you have easy access in and out of the convention center, and are assigned priority seating. Also, it enhances the spiritual nature of the pilgramage experience by coming as a community. Please read carefully the following steps:

  1. Make arrangements for a bus for your parish. Call around to bus companies to see the best deal for your parish. Two people or more should work on this.

  2. Determine what the fee per person is. Sometimes bus rental fee will be supplemented in part by Knights of Columbus or parish or both or other organizations making each ticket less. Caution, sometimes when bus is free, people tend not to turn up that day.

  3. Print tickets. Upon request we have some generic tickets that can be obtained by calling us. Tickets should indicate time of departure, place and cost.

  4. Place bus information in parish bulletins with contact numbers as least four weeks before the Arizona Rosary Celebration. Include information about where tickets can be purchased.

  5. Sell available tickets outside of church or at meetings or gatherings.

  6. Maintain list of people who have signed up and that have paid. Record names and phone numbers. Always sell 5 tickets more than bus holds. It is very unlikely that all will show and it will help to have a full bus.

  7. Ask the Pastor use pulpit announcements, especially if there are people outside of church to sell Bus Tickets.

  8. Let the ARC Bus Coordinators know when your bus is confirmed. They will have parking instructions for you.

  9. Have someone help with boarding the bus and ride the bus to the celebration. Have signs designating your parish. Give instructions to stay together at Celebration.


Use of commercial bus transportation has been minimal at the Tucson rosary celebrations. This is at least partly due to cost. Some parishes at a distance from the celebration location (e.g., Our Lady of Grace Parish in Maricopa) have used locally obtained school buses and a few in or near town parishes used local van or mini-bus transportation. The following seem to be good options.

Bee Line Transportation 3594 E Lincold Street, Tucson 85714 520-760-8784

Suntran 4220 S Park Ave, Tucson, 85714 520-623-4301

Arizona Shuttle 5350 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson 85712 520-795-6771



All Aboard America - (480) 962-6202 - Touring - 27 - $420.00 - $95.00

All Aboard America - (480) 962-6202 - Touring - 40 - $455.00 - $95.00


All Aboard America - (480) 962-6202 - Touring - 56 - $585.00 - $120.00

Laidlaw Bus Lines / 1st Student - (602) 484-7646 - School - 56 - $390.00 - $75.00

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School - (480) 945-6190 - School - 56 - $200.00 - $50.00

Paradise Valley Bus Lines - (602) 256-0101 - Touring - 47 - $535.00 - $102.50

Paradise Valley Bus Lines - (602) 256-0101 - Touring - 55 - $615.00 - $110.00

Paradise Valley School District - (602) 449-2251 - School - 56 - $80.00 - $20.00

Click here to Download a Flyer with Phoenix Rates and Information

For more Phoenix information contact: Jim Reynolds, 602-653-5814,



Bee Line Transportation 3594 E Lincold Street, Tucson 85714 520-760-8784

Arizona Shuttle 5350 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson 85712 520-795-6771


Bee Line Transportation 2676 N Trekel Road 520-316-3382


Royal Transportation Bus Company (call Phoenix number below for Yuma location/number 602-278-0323

Buffalo Bus Tours 12557 S Frontage Rd, Yuma 85367 928-342-0015

For more Central and Southern Arizona information contact: Alex Wright at or Al Tucker at

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