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Prayer is the best way to ensure a successful Arizona Rosary Celebration. Please pray!


As part of the prayer campaign, the faithful are encouraged to submit their prayer intentions. You may wish to print your own prayer intention form in English or Spanish. Intentions will be prayed over during the celebration. Imagine thousands of faithful Catholics praying together for your intentions. Every intention submitted will also be included in the prayers of the Legion of Mary and Catholic Renewal Ministries throughout the coming year. 

Silver Rose

The association of roses with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is historic, and the presentation of the Silver Rose recognizes her role today in the protection of the unborn.


If available, the Silver Rose arrives in Arizona, and with the assistance of Tucson and Phoenix Knights, is a part of the Arizona Rosary Celebration.


Rosary Prayers

Click to print a one-page summary of rosary prayers in English or Spanish.

Visit the Vatican website to read about praying the rosary in English and Spanish.

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Our Lady,
Help of Persecuted Christians

Our Lady, Help of Persecuted Christians, pray for us! Today we witness the persecution of Christians in greater numbers than during the first centuries of the Catholic church.


"Mary will be there for them and they will look to her for strength when they need it most. And after the battle of this life, they will rejoice forever with her Son, Jesus Christ, bearing the palm leaves of victory that we see at the top of the icon.

May we prove as faithful as these Christians."

Source: A Handmaid, January 14, 2019, KOFC NEWS, The image is loaned with permission of the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council.

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